Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm melting...

I had a great life...3 jobs that I loved, a nice house in a great community, 3 kids, a wife that tolerates me and my Harley...Not the bike but my wife's idea of humor... A Tibetan spaniel. Sounds good until I tell you that hitting the 40 hour mark on Wednesday evening wasn't all that its cracked up to be. Take away the punishing hours, I really loved what I did. I managed an ice rink, swimming pools, driving range, batting cages, members only dog park, all for a suburban Chicago community. I coached competitive figure skaters, short track speed skaters, Hockey/Power skating and in my spare time worked for the Chicago Wolves in the American Hockey League as their mascot "Skates". Each and every job was rewarding but as a whole it just beat me up. I had enough as the cost of living in Chicago just squeezed my bank account dry.

Recently I walked away from it all and I in my would like subsequent blogs to share my experiences to shed some light on numerous ice related topicsas well as the craziness surronding the recreation field. Some will be funny, some will be edgy, all will have good spelling and proper sentance structure.

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Jamie said...

Hey,are you checking to make sure that we are all paying attention out here?
Spell check,eh?!!
Honestly,you are off to a great start Jimmie.
Keep`em coming folks.

aka.........the tolerator :)