Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bobby Knight is out of control

"Coach Knight did not slap Michael," Texas Tech Athletic Director Myers said in a statement. "Michael came off the court with his head down and coach Knight quickly lifted Michael's chin and said, 'Hold your head up and don't worry about your mistakes. Just play the game." AP Newsday.com

This is the first time that I have seen a transcript to what was said but if you were to watch the video, it sure looked like he popped him one. It still amazes me though that people will defend that type of coaching or "motivation." Thats not coaching but a lack of control...period. Any idiot can scream and holler at an athelete. All you have to do is let it rip. I look at the quote again and then the image of Knight jerking Michael Princes chin upward. They just don't match. Did he need to wack him to get his attention? ... Maybe he should of just said "look at me!"

Bobby Knight does many wonderful things for his students or so his supporters claim, but that can't make up for his continued poor behavior. What kind of an example is this? What is he teaching these kids? "Ok kids, heres the plan. If your parents aren't listening to you, get in their face, scream at them, maybe slap'em around a bit. They'll thank you for it." So what happens when the shouting is over? Absolutley nothing and nothing will happen until you scream at them again. They are practicing a Pavlovian reflex. Ring a bell and they come. Scream at them and they do. They are not responding to coaching but the negative energy. "If I play harder, maybe he will leave me alone." That's coaching through fear and intimidation.